No one has to tell you your company's needs differ from others. And we know you'd prefer both off the shelf and unique solutions.  That is why all of our solutions and support are tailored to suit your requirements. You let us know your requirements, and we'll provide the right solutions.

Premier Clients & Disruptive Technologies

5.   DELTA                  Passive Electro-Mechanical Components (Magnetics, Fans, EMI Filters…)

6.   SUNLED              World Class LEDs, Ultra Bright, Through Hole, SMD, Light Strips, Light Bar

7.   TWS                     Rechargeable Lithium Ion Cells and Battery Mgmt Systems

8.   Tennmax             EMI and Thermal Mgmt, Jelly, Pads, FIP,  Plastic Metallization, Heatpipes,                                            Heatsinks 

9.    N2 Power         Small, High Efficiency AC-DC power supplies, Medically Certified, DIN Rail                                               Power Supplies.

10.   EXAR                 Power Management Solutions, High Performance Analog products,                                                         UART & Serial protocol transceiver solutions, Networking-Security & Data

11. Yageo                 World Leader in Resistors,  Capacitors, Wireless components, and Soft                                                     Ferrite products for consumer, automotive, and industrial markets.

1.   AMD                      ARM/X86 Processors (APU, dGPU), Low-High End Graphics Cards

2.  GE ENERGY          Formerly Lineage / Tyco. Power Solutions (AC-DC, DC-DC, Rectifiers)

3.   LATTICE               PLDs, ASSP PLDs, MHL, S-MHL, HDMI connectivity solutions,

4.   TOSHIBA               #1 NAND Supplier, eMMC, SSDs, HDDs, Analog (Linear, Logic), Wireless